Smart Fish Feeder

Out of the ordinary


Minimal design concept with a transparent barrel, integrates perfectly into the modern home

Onboard memory

for feeding schedules

Fully Sealed food


Fixed portions

at set intervals

​Designed for

your auqarium

Minimalist Design

Black LED screen with simple to configure feeding schedules

Innovative Structural Design

Innovate food dispenser  delivers portions consistently and accurately

Keep Fresh Longer

Built-in drying box keeps your fish food fresher for longer

Dual Power Supply

Dual power options with battery reserve for peace of mind in case of power outage

Technical Specs:

Dimensions (cm):  9 cm L ×9 cm W × 18 cm H​


Material: Made from Edible ABS


Capacity: 500ml


Power supply: DC 5V, 1A USB interface


Battery: 4 AAA battery


Weight/Net weight): 550g/390g

Max scheduled meals per day: 4

Minimum portion2g

Maximum portions per meal: 50

Power cord: 1.5meters

Gift box size: 23 cm L ×12.5 cm W × 11 cm H​

Time system: 24 hour system