Jun 11

What does the red light on top of the feeder mean


Edited: Jun 11

A red light on top of the feeder is a warning indicator and will appear if the feeder is jammed or if it is empty.


To fix any food jam remove the inner food bin and empty the contents. Reinsert the food bin again and press the set button once and observe that the dispenser turns.


If the red light remains on and the bin is not empty you may need to recalibrate the weight sensor. To do this empty the food bin and return the empty bin to the feeder. Using the app, navigate to the device page and choose the settings icon in the top right. Then select "Weight Sensor" and press "Reset Weight to Zero". Once complete you can refill the food bin again.

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  • As of the 14th October 2019 we are having issues uploading our app on the Android Play Store in some regions. We are working hard to resolve the problem. If you are being affected by this please download the latest version of the app at the following link: https://fir.im/androidPetfull
  • The proceeding steps are a visual walkthrough of how to setup your new feeder. Essentially we need to activate the hotspot on the feeder so that we can communicate your home wifi details to it. Your feeder will then have internet access and you will be able to communicate with it when you are away from your home. 1. Download the latest PetFull app from the App Store. 2. Open the App and register for a free Petfull account. 3. You will be sent an email to confirm your email account. 4. Note, if an email does not appear in your inbox check your junk mail. 5. Choose the devices page and press the small + in the top right. 6. If you are using the app for the first time you will have to select Continue with a New Pet. Following the proceeding screens to register the pet who will be using this feeder. 7. You will be asked to confirm three settings on the next screen. Essentially they are just points to note. Your phone must have internet connectivity as this is required to ensure the feeder has connected successfully to your home wifi. Also the feeder should be empty as the weight sensor will be reset to 0 during this phase. 8. You will now be prompted to activate the hotspot on the feeder. Make sure it is plugged in and switched on. To activate the hotspot you need to press and hold the Set button on the top of the feeder. You will know that the hotspot has been activated when the yellow Link light on the top of the feeder starts flashing yellow quickly (2-3 flashes per second). When this happens you can release the button. The light should continue to flash indefinitely. If you are having trouble turning on the hotspot try power off and power on the feeder again and repeat the long hold action. 9. The next screen instructs you that we now need to connect the newly launched Petfull Hotspot. At this point assuming that the yellow light is still flashing on the feeder we can minimise the app temporarily. 10. Open up your wifi settings and select the Petfull hotspot. In this step we will disconnect from the network you had been using and we will connect to the Petfull feeder directly. No password is required and we connect to the feeder temporarily so that we can tell it how to connect to your home wifi. 11. Once you have connected successfully to the Petfull hotpot you can return to the Petfull app. You will be presented with an input form to provide your home network name and password. If you have both a 2G and a 5G network at home you should ensure the 2G network name is typed in. If you only have 1 network then your router should handle both automatically. Type in both the network name and your network password. Your network password is very often written on the back on the home router. 12. Once you press Next a few things happen. The yellow light on your feeder will stop flashing and the feeder will attempt to connect to your home network using the credentials supplied. There will be an audio alert once this is complete. The app will simultaneously try to ensure that it can connect to your newly internet enabled feeder. The whole process can take up to two minutes so please be patient. If you enter the wrong credentials for your home wifi network you will be informed of the problem and you will have to return to step 5 and continue from there (put feeder into hotspot mode again) 13. If step 12 goes well you are all done. Your new feeder should now appear in the devices page on the app and you can start to create feeding schedules and interact with your pet.